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Kyron Horman

Sheriff says missing Oregon boy's stepmother cooperated



Kyron Horman Missing Case - Is Kyron's Stepmother Really Guilty?


Kyron Horman: Parents say at news conference want focus back on missing boy, ask some media to leave
July 2, 8:36 PMCrime ExaminerCindy Adams



......... " Don't be so quick to judge. Let me just throw out there another set of circumstance that could make sense. Keep in mind this is a theory - only a theory.

Terri didn't walk Kyron to his class, but told Kaine that she did. She left and went to Sauvie Island to meet her (theoretical) lover. She was having an affair.

She never dreamed that Kyron would go missing! How often does that happen? Never.

Time goes on, and Terri has to tell Kaine of the affair. He files for divorce, but needs to take his daughter because, well, it's his daughter and there's still that shroud of doubt that somehow Terri is to blame for his son's disappearance.

I know that sounds far fetched. But stranger things have happened. Children have disappeared from their homes in the middle of the night with their parents sleeping in another room. The day Kyron went missing there were a lot of opportunities for strangers to mix in with the students as the science fair took place. Who knows what could have happened.

Then again, maybe Terri did play a part in the disappearance. However, we shouldn't be so quick to judge."

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Published: Saturday, July 03, 2010, 5:49 AM Updated: Saturday, July 03, 2010, 7:37 AM

" Mystery surrounds the June 4th disappearance of Kyron Horman. The boy seems to have vanished without a trace. But in an interview with Oregonian staffers Helen Jung and Kate Mather, the Multnomah County sheriff has offered some new information about the investigation itself.

The massive search, for instance, hasn't yielded a single clue about what happened to the boy. The sheriff, Dan Staton, has dedicated all but one of the agency's detectives to the case. The investigation so far has xxxxxxxxx, prompting cuts in other areas of the agency.

"Ultimately, if we are unable to find Kyron, this could turn into a cold case,” Staton acknowledged. “At some point I’m going to have to make a final decision that this has got to move in a different direction. But right now the way I’ve got it set up, and the way I’ve been working with investigators and the FBI, the other agencies, we will downscale appropriately based on their availability (and) the funding sources.”

“I don’t put a dollar figure on a child... and I won’t do that,” Staton said. “I will employ whatever it is that I have available to me to try to locate a child or someone that is vulnerable.”
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