terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Kyron Horman SEM ALERTA AMBER. Porquê?

Sheriff: 'Everyone is a person of interest' in Kyron case

........ "And authorities say a break in the case may be imminent after one of the biggest probes in the state's history.

Police say they've tracked nearly 3,000 leads and conducted hundreds of interviews.

"I've got to make a lot of decisions this week," says Multnoma County Sheriff Dan Staton.

"It's gonna be based on ... what comes out of the investigation between now and the end of this week."

"I think investigators know a lot more than what they're saying," observes former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson"

Police won't say whom they suspect or when or if they'll make an arrest, and haven't named Terri a suspect or person of interest.

PORTLAND, Ore., 070310
Cops: We Think Kyron Horman Is Alive
Say They're Processing Almost 3,000 Leads Looking for Him; Also Say His Stepmother Has Been Cooperating with Them


by babybopscoop July 3, 2010 10:59 PM EDT
Why was the father working from home that day? Terri sent her older biological son to live with her parents because he was having trouble with the stepdad (Kyron's bio dad). Maybe the bio dad was abusive? Maybe he did something to Kyron andmaybe he had Terri's cell phone that day, so he was the one on that island, not Terri. Maybe Terri was covering up for him?

by dianalynn0909 July 3, 2010 2:15 PM EDT
I find ths statement unusual..."Staton said he believes Terri Horman is working with investigators" ??? He believes? Why doesn't he absolutley know for sure considering he's the Multnomah County Sheriff?
Is he not the "top dog" in the investigation anymore?
This whole investigation has been very unusual...More so now with it seemingly that the Sheriff's Department and the natural parents stating different views of Terri Horman's level of cooperatation.
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