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Kyron Horman DESDE 4 Junho e NADA.......


" PORTLAND, Ore.--More new developments in the Kyron Horman case.  Investigators are re-interviewing people who say they saw Kyron at Skyline School on the day he disappeared.  One of those people is Tyler Kessinger.  The seventh-grader says he saw Kyron walking through the science fair with friends, smiling...................... mais para ler.

Investigators Re-Interview Witnesses in Kyron Horman Case | KEZI
URL: http://kezi.com/news/local/181456


" "This is just a chess match and a war of wills between the prosecutor and investigators on one hand and Terri Horman and her defense lawyer on the other," McCain told the Beaverton television station – the Portland Tribune’s news partner – on Monday.

Criminal Profiler: Don't Just Focus On Stepmom
POSTED: 8:58 am PDT July 14, 2010
UPDATED: 9:31 am PDT July 14, 2010

em: http://www.kptv.com/news/24256180/detail.html

" PORTLAND, Ore. -- A criminal profiler not involved in the Kyron Horman investigation said Wednesday that focusing entirely on stepmother Terri Horman would be a mistake.
Frank Colistro, a forensic psychologist, said people following the case should be careful when pointing the finger at Terri Horman because authorities have not named her as a suspect or even a person of interest.
"We can do a disservice to the investigation by taking attention off other people who maybe ought to be observed and looked at," Colistro said.
Terri Horman told Multnomah County investigators she last saw Kyron on June 4 at Skyline School. Her husband, Kaine Horman, became aware of the boy's disappearance after he walked out to the bus stop later that afternoon and Kyron did not show up.
According to court documents, ............... "
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