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Kyron Horman : Advogado, Polícia , "media".

" Kyron Horman:

Terri Horman Hires Stephen Houze And The Police Recruit The Media "

" KYRON Horman: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the missing seven-year-old in the media: Terri Moulton Horman’s lawyer; dogs are not called in; and the police use the media as bait…

The media and police are in cahoots:

Kyron Horman’s family spoke to the media this morning.

But not all of them were there:............ "

Who’s Houze?
Send for the dogs:

Deputies are using border collies to try to find Kyron Horman. These are not cadaver dogs, rather dogs used to find missing persons.

And not just the deputies dogs:

Search expert Harry Oakes, took to the fields on Wednesday with his border collies in tow to search for the missing Oregon boy, Kyron Horman…

Oakes is the head of International K-9 Search and Rescue and initially offered to help law enforcement search for Kyron. Police declined his help, according to KPTV, but he’s looking for the boy on his own.

Kyron Horman is missing. All eyes are on Terri Horman. She is not an official suspect. But there are no arrests. And – crucially – there is no sign of the missing boy…

Kyron Horman: Desiree Young Amplifies The Whispering Campaign Against .......

Madeleine McCann Category
Madeleine McCann Spotted At World Cup


CAN Madeleine McCann somehow be linked to the World Cup and, specifically, England’s failure to win it?

Tom de Castella tells BBC online readers that she can. Roy Greenslade provides the answer:

“Make no mistake the papers set the agenda. And today we have feeding frenzies. Savage as it sounds the Madeleine McCann story sold papers and previously there was Princess Diana. The World Cup is another first class example of a feeding frenzy that electrifies the newspapers.”

" Princess Diana: the dead celebrity royal
Madeleine McCann: the missing celebrity child
The World Cup: No celebrity WAGs – No ideas

Greenslade makes a good point. The tabloids press pricks your worst fears and anxieties and rubs the open sore.

But having made the point about a competitive news industry, de Castella asks Toby Young to explain how the frenzy came about:.................. "

" 7-year-old Kyron Horman, is not only being closely scrutinized by police but may face imminent arrest. Developments in just the past few days have painted ... "

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