segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Interessante.......e, a propósito o nome de

How Scots scientists are using cutting edge technology to solve cold case murders
Jul 5 2010 James Moncur

" A TEAM of Scots scientists are using facial reconstruction techniques to help solve cases which have baffled cops for decades.
Experts from Dundee University's facial mapping unit study the bone structures of skulls, skeletons and decomposing bodies.
They can then reconstruct the features of the victim.
Now detectives in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire have turned to Dr Caroline Wilkinson and her team to help solve a string of cold cases."

e, como já estamos habituados, em qualquer notícia o nome de Madeleine aparece........

....... " She said the most difficult jobs involved trying to "age progress" someone - to get a picture of what they looked like when younger or older.
Police hunting for missing Madeleine McCann used the technique to issue pictures of what she may look like today - three years after she went missing.
Caroline worked on the case of the Tattooed Man, a tramp whose body was discovered in a shelter.
She said: "We created the original picture from a photo of his badly decomposed head. We started.......... "
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