segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Inocentes,sim! Sem dúvida!

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapmen
The best friends were abducted outside a shop in summer holidays 2002 from Soham England. They were murdered by their school caretaker Ian Huntley

JonBenet Ramsey
She was abducted Christmas day from her home; she was discovered missing when her mum found a ransom note. Eight hours later she was found dead in the basement of her home in Boulder Colorado

Samantha Runnion
Samantha was taken from her front yard in Stanton California by a man saying he had lost his dog. She was found a day later dead

Jessica Lunsford
She was abducted on 24th February 2005 from her home in Homosassa Florida. She was found days later murdered and raped

Nadia Bloom
Autistic Nadia went missing 9th April 2010 in Winter Springs Florida aged 11. She was found four days later in a swamp by James King

Elizabeth Smart
At age 14 she was abducted from her bedroom in Salt Lake City Utah on the 5th June 2002. She was found on 12th March 2003 in Sandy Utah, 18 miles from her home

Shannon Matthews
9-year-old Shannon was abducted on the way home from school by a distant relative and her mum in 2009. Her mum started off the investigation in hope to get some money, she was found weeks later. Shannon still wants contact with her mum.

Jacyee Lee Dugard
11-year-old Jaycee was abducted whilst standing at the bus stop on 10th June 1991 from South Lake Tahoe. She was missing for over 18 years, forced to have two children with her abductor. She was found in Antioch August 2009

Mystic Salazar
She was abducted by her biological father and his wife in August 2008 the day before she was due to start school from Colorado. She was found in early 2009 in Lake City Michigan

Haleigh Cummings
Abducted 10th February 2009 from Satsuma USA, Haleigh was abducted whilst she slept. Haleigh has both ears pierced and authorities believe she may still be local.

Denise Pipitone
Denise went missing 1st September 2004 from Mazara Del Vallo Italy aged 4. Denise would now be 9-years-old.

Madeleine McCann
Abducted ????? 3rd May 2007 whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz Portugal, days short of her fourth birthday. She has a distinctive mark in her right eye and is British.

( e os progenitores deixavam todas as noites as Crianças INOCENTES sózinhas!)

Morgan Nick
Abducted at a little league game on the 9th June 1995 in Alma, Arkansas aged six. Morgan has five visible silver caps on her molars she would now be 20.

Deonna Shipman
Deonna was abducted by her father from Liverpool, New York. The FBI believe Jeffery Shipman may have taken his daughter to England or Germany

( ingénuo quanto a Madeleine)

Now you want to enlist students to help with your 'project', which just happens to be your missing daughter, Madeleine - but first you want to know all kinds of details about these students, like what University or school they go to, what they're studying, what social networking sites they use (don't forget to read the Gaspar statements kids), or whether they're travelling this year and where they're going!

What gives the McCanns the right to ask students, paticularly schoolchildren, to divulge personal information before they can sign up to help find their daughter when they didn't even search for her themselves because it was too dark? Dave Edgar, their private detective, told the media ten months ago that Madeleine is being held captive in a secret lair in a lawless village in Praia da Luz. Have they even searched there yet? No.

I wonder if the students will have to buy their good quality wristbands and travel packs, which consists of 10 English posters, 2 luggage tags, 2 wallet cards and a car sticker, from their online Madeleine store which still bears the date 2006.
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