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The G.A. ´s dream

" My admiration for Maria has already been shown. When I read in her blog a post from my friend Ironside, I took it as my friend being seriously worried with a friend who feels that a person she admires is succumbing to the smear campaign that he’s being subject to.

In plain English, Ironside is worried that Maria feels that Amaral may be affected by the attacks he has suffered with viciousness beyond human comprehension.

In some of these cases, it’s my opinion that it reveals nothing but dementia.

Ironside’s post basically has three major characters: Gonçalo Amaral, Bonnybraes and Rosiepops.

Let’s go by parts here then.

This will be quite a long post, so to those that like their food chewed for them, and have it then put it in their mouths just for the swallowing, please search somewhere else for your “Reader’s Digest” version. And that was an entire forty word sentence to read AND understand, so you must be exhausted by now. Do go and have some rest.

Gonçalo Amaral was, on the night of May 3rd, 2007, a policeman of a sovereign state that was tasked, by whoever had the official and adequate authority to do so, to investigate the disappearance, from within the internationally recognized borders of the referred sovereign state, of a citizen foreign to it.

All legal, all correct, all adequate.

A policeman is a technician. Like in any other profession, there are technical skills for which its professional are taught and trained to execute and for which they are paid and accountable for.

Both the payment and accountability are directly related with the complexity of the technical task involved. A gardener does earn much less than a cardiologist, but independent of salary both are simply to execute their professional technical tasks for which they have trained for, or otherwise be accountable for having not done so.

Some professions we all think we can do. We all think we can detectives, or at least we have the vanity we could, but no one, in their right mind, states lightly that they could be a diamond cutter.

That’s why we so easily criticize a decision made by a policeman but limit ourselves to complimenting the beauty of a diamond.

As always, there’s criticism and there’s criticism.

To criticize Amaral for not being present in the Apartment 5A on the night of the 3rd, is to criticize a technical decision. For me it would be more censurable for him to have been there. His role as a coordinator was to send teams out to the field, not do the field-work himself. For that there’s a duty roster. But that’s my opinion, and would maintain it if he had decided otherwise, and had gone himself there. As said, a technical decision taken by the technician himself, accountable only to his legitimate chain of command.

You may not agree with this, but this is how the particular force was structured, so, if in disagreement, please do address your criticism to the adequate entities and not the individual.

However, sometimes it’s adequate to criticize the police, for example when a policeman reads, before questioning and as a memory refresher, a person’s former statement.

This is a clear, unarguable assumption of the referred person’s guiltless. No, it’s not the presumption of innocence, for that is applicable to society and not to the investigating agencies, to which ALL are suspects until proven otherwise.

For a police force to assume that someone isn’t guilty as starting point is a big blunder as assuming that that someone is guilty. Both are serious technical mistakes.

The Leicester Constabulary made the first blunder, and that’s called incompetence. As I don’t believe they were novices to the job, I would even define it as willful negligence.

The PJ in Lagos did NOT make the second. What they did, and what the McCanns wished they wouldn’t have done, was not to rule them out as suspects. They did not assume that the couple was guilty, they simply didn’t assume they were innocent.

And with each passing day, the balance tended to lean on to the guilty side rather than to the innocent side of the scale.

When a police asks for a set of witness to do a reconstruction of events, they are not assuming guilt on the part of the participants, it’s first and foremost to help in the investigation by making all aware of details that might have escaped in the various descriptions of events, but also an opportunity for all to prove with total clarity their innocence.

Some say, that the intent of the police to make a reconstruction was to frame the McCanns. Well let them try. If the McCanns are in effect innocents, and the police would distort reality just to make them look guilty then that would be as easy to prove as it is to prove that water is wet. Isn’t that the reason that lawyers are present? To guarantee that what has been reconstructed will be presented taintless in Court?

Or are lawyers for to just state, in Court, that there is RELEVANT evidence that police did not look at, but the same evident evidence, more than six months past, hasn’t been looked yet at by anybody else, as far as we know, nor has there been any effort for it to be?

As policeman, Gonçalo Amaral did his job.

Later, not in this post but in another, it will seem that I don’t agree with my own words. Let me clarify that I stand by them. I’ll criticize the PJ action, not Gonçalo Amaral. He was responsible for the coordination of the teams on the field, not for the coordination of the PJ’s actions.

And it also has to do with a rather complex discussion about an overwhelming amount misleading inputs meant to distract the police from their job, which they, apparently, were quite successful that particular night.

I’m of the opinion that things could have been completely different if an assertive action was taken in the first hours of the events. Before the “Dark Forces” had had time to act and to influence, there was, as far as I know, a window of opportunity to have set the record straight. But I’m aware I’m setting standards too high, for if they had found Maddie down the street, after having walked off the apartment, all the fuss that I’m now would suggesting would be completely exaggerated.

I think that under the circumstances, Gonçalo Amaral acted, on May 3rd beyond reproach. The mistakes made were perfectly understandable and do not reveal in any way any incompetence.

I also think in that in the days that followed, Gonçalo Amaral performed above and beyond his call of duty. He revealed exceptional qualities of honesty and courage, and a dedication meriting commendation to what is, after all, the police’s job: pursuance of the truth to protect both the rights of all law abiding citizens of a society as well as those that any victim is entitled of: respect and justice.

And that is what the McCanns & CO cannot, and will not forgive Gançalo Amaral of.

I will in another post, prove that Gonçalo Amaral is the SOLE, I repeat, the SOLE responsible for the McCanns living the hell that they’re living in. A hell created by them, but nevertheless an agonizing hell.

No, it was not his book. No, it was not Joana’s Blog nor the 3A Forum. It was this man, and his team, who, for a moment believed in a dream. A dream where Justice would prevail, where the bad guys would be led to jail like so many, many movies that intoxicate us with a reality of forever after.

If I have to criticize (or, in honesty, thank) Gonçalo Amaral, would be for having believed in that dream.

If he was as human as many of us are, he would have been tempted to follow all directions of what to do and what not to do and would’ve simply washed his hands.

Today, if it wasn’t for Gonçalo Amaral, Maddie McCann would have been abducted by a rich paedophile, taken away in a yacht from Praia da Luz, and her beautiful Mummy and handsome Daddy would be guest of honor in any major event involving violence against children, and who knows, they might even be able to have added up a nice amount of money of a Nobel Peace Prize, to their Foundation.

Only two reasons can then be to criticize Gonçalo Amaral.

One is personal direct interest. Revenge. Vendetta. Pure and simple hatred for the man who spoiled it all.

The other, dementia and socialization incapability.

Let’s now move on to our two Black Hats, Bonnybraes and Rosiepops,"


Thank You, Text.

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