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Galeria de fotos de Kyro Horman: PROCURA-SE!

The Kyron Horman Case Takes Another Turn


" PORTLAND, Ore.--Just when you thought the Kyron Horman case couldn't get any stranger, Kyron's

The Kyron Horman Case Takes Another Turn | KEZI
URL: http://kezi.com/news/local/181133........................... " Ler mais.

.. " The person in question is Kaine's high school friend, Michael Cook, a man KXL spoke with exclusively last week. The claim is that pictures were taken and that Cook mapped out Kaine's new address through Google. A sexual relationship is alleged between Terri and Mr. Cook. Also coming to light is an alleged attempted kidnapping plot two weeks ago at the gym Kaine frequents.

Terri Horman is moving out of the Northwest Portland home in question, having not contested Kaine's request to do so through an addendum to a restraining order, allowing for his return and that of the Horman's 19-month-old daughter. No timeline was given for such.

KXL Legal Expert Bruce McCain, an attorney, has been following this case from the start and reacts to all these developments:..."

em: http://www.kxl.com/IN-DEPTH-AUDIO--Is-Terri-Horman-In-Contempt-of-Cou/7673409



Keeping the focus on Kyron through photos
By KATU.com Staff


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