sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Factos estranhos em Leicestershire.

A lot of strange things happen in Leicestershire.

A worrying story over at the Leicester Mercury:

More than 10,000 babies in Leicestershire had their DNA stored on an NHS database last year without the proper consent of their parents, it has been claimed.

Blood samples are taken from newborn infants around the country in routine heel prick tests to screen for serious health problems.

But it has emerged they are banked in databases for years by hospitals, and could be accessed by police looking to identify criminal suspects.

Please do read the whole thing. Are you a parent whose child was born in this period? If so, were you informed that this was happening? Big Brother Watch would like to hear from you.

By Alex Deane

While looking for the Telephone number of OC...came across this...Mumsnet it mentions Madeleine..

PUBLICIDADE mas não só!

" Mumsnetter reviews

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Report this review From: psychologist on 16-Aug-07 13:51 Overall rating 8.6
We stayed here in May, unfortunately just after little Madeline disappeared. Despite this I would recommend the resort, although maybe not to those with very young children: the facilities are spread out throughout the village and there is a lot of walking. The apartments were lovely, we were - without knowing why - upgraded to a three bedroom apartment, despite there only being three of us! The apartments all had air conditioning, fridges, TVs, washing machines, etc. We had lunch there often, as at this resort its not included - although breakfast and dinner are. Breakfast was very good, dinner more variable. Service very well meaning but a bit haphazard. But the pools were lovely, with four to choose from, including one indoor (handy in May as the sea then too cold to swim, even for me). The childcare, as we had hoped, was excellent; our three year old loved going and we felt free to just leave him there most afternoons. The activities in mini club for him were varied, with nice toys and a nice playroom. They spent some time outside but not all the time, avoiding the risk of too much sun. The beach was lovely. We felt very safe there in spite of what had just happened: the apartments were very secure, with deadbolts on the doors and windows and shutters which could be locked. The staff tried very hard in the circumstances to make sure the guests they had staying had a good time despite the circumstances, while appreciating that people could be and were upset. We've already booked up for Greece with them for next year."
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