sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Borda fora K;G; e mais uns tantos.

Laws must be created in the US to enable the technique of Waterboarding of persons of interest, preceded by a Lie Detector Test intended to reveal the location of the child. We have had enough of suspects refusing to talk. Children must be protected FIRST.

Waterboard Robert Murat.

Wasterboard Kate McCann. Wasterboard Gerry McCann.

What can possibly go wrong? The police never make a mistake.

They’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Make it stop!

Not that Terri Horman is a person of interest. Still,waterboard her anyhow.

Or just let the media get at her. What harm, eh, when facts and evidence take a backseat to a hunch and need to inflict pain and suffering?
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