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O suicídio do Dr. David Kelly...

Norman Baker was a friend of David Kellys and left goverment to prove he was murdered

Doctors say government scientist David Kelly was murdered

presstvlondon — 31 de Julho de 2009 — A team of specialist doctors are pushing for a legal inquiry into the 2003 death of a high-profile civil servant. Dr David Kelly, an expert in biological warfare and a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, was found dead shortly after accusing the British government of overstating the case for invading Iraq. A government report concluded that he had committed suicide but now, the group of doctors and one of Kellys closest former colleagues believe there is enough evidence to suggest foul play.

megawatts1066 — 15 de Dezembro de 2009 — Premise:- after careful consideration of the evidence, Britain's Iraqi Weapons Inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered. That is according to published data in Norman Baker MP's book The Strange Death Of David Kelly.
The Hutton inquiry was a joke a farce and travesty. as the current Chilcot Enquiry is turning out to be.

Secondly as we had some very nasty active interference on this interview, in part 2 we feature two further examples in the second section, illustrating that non visible "items" accompany us as we discuss sensitive matters.
However as this is off topic, we have part 1 on its own.

Greg Dyke the BBC Director General, was "shafted" by the BBC board and forced to resign, all over the faked or "Sexed Up" documents and the travesty and failure by the intelligence services,(or was there?) leading Britain to War in Iraq.
This is a highly controversial, and VERY dark CONTINUING chapter in Britain's history.

Part 2 shows evidence from other interviews being "accessed", and Part 3 shows the BBC 2 Newsnight programme of the night after Dyke quit the BBC.
This VHS tape mysteriously arrived in this edit suite AFTER the 1st showing of this edit on You Tube. The subject amtter is connected with the "accessing" as executed in Part 1, illustrated in Part 2.
Researchers need to see, as Norman Baker said, "The Elephant In the Room".
There is a VERY VERY Large one, and this demosntrated itself in Part 1.

Murder of Dr David Kelly with Norman Baker MP Part 1

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