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Madeleine e David - "segredos e segredos "

Tragic: Dr David Kelly's grave at St Mary's church in Longworth, Oxfordshire. Several doctors argued that the wounds to his left wrist would not have caused him to bleed to death

E onde será o de Madeleine?


....... " Texto de Duarte Levy

El Ministerio del Interior británico (Home Office) reconoció oficialmente que el caso Madeleine McCann, la niña que desapareció en el Algarve en 2007, es “una investigación aun en curso en Reino Unido en este momento” y cuyo contenido no es revelado para proteger al Gobierno y los intereses públicos.

La información fue revelada ayer por Ian Lester, consejero de información.

En Portugal, una fuente de la PJ dijo a ................ "

...... " Secreto bien guardado

En la misiva, el “Home Office” reconoce que el contenido de la investigación sobre la desaparición de Maddie “es extremadamente sensible”, lo que ............ "

Dr. David Kelly:


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................. if Iraq were invaded, and Kelly had replied, "I will probably be found dead in the woods."


December 2009 challenge

On 5 December 2009 six doctors began legal action to demand a formal inquest into the death,[37] claiming there was "insufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt he killed himself." However in January 2010, Lord Hutton ordered that all files relating to his post mortem remain secret for 70 years for reasons which he himself and the Ministry of Justice have not explained."


" It says, “Found dead at Harrowdown Hill, Longworth, Oxon.” Which is, of course, conclusive proof that this was not the place of death, and that he was murdered somewhere else by … contd p94."

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