quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Horrores da " adopção " forçada na ilha.




...... " Contrast this with the case of Tracey Connelly, imprisoned for her part in the death of her son “Baby P”. It was recently reported that social workers had arranged for her to have contact with her surviving children at a “secret location” in London. Contrast this in turn with the case of Lianne Smith, who last month ran away to Spain to kill her two children and attempt suicide because she believed Staffordshire social workers were going to seize the children for adoption. In her suicide note, she wrote: “Social services in Staffordshire and their policy of ‘forced adoption’ are responsible for this.”

There is a great tragedy unfolding here, involving thousands of families across Britain, set in train by politicians who, with one or two exceptions, seem to have stepped aside from the chaos, misery and mass of absurd contradictions they have set in train. Next week, I shall report another example."

É melhor verem no You Tube por causa do tamanho.
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