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Combinações,arranjos e WE FOUND HER

" While many of us were taken aback by the extent of Panorama’s bias in favour of the McCanns, the original intended programme by producer David Mills would have amounted to nothing less than journalistic advocacy in favour of the McCanns. BBC management instructed the re-editing of the programme and the producer walked out. We also read that while Kate and Gerry accepted the eventual broadcasted version the rest of the family were said to have been far less happy.Were the BBC right or wrong to interfere with Panorama’s journalistic independence ? "

One Response to “McCanns: Panorama McCann special – BBC prevented producers full Pro-McCann bias ?”

Phoebe says:
June 21, 2010 at 2:49 pm

BBC have been and continue to support the Mccanns without a shred of evidence of an abduction.

The blatant lie made by phone calls on May 3rd of Smashed and jemmied shutters by the McCanns to family members and friends still stands today in newspaper articles, even Clarence Mitchell had to back track and say there was NO sign of a broken entry.

Police witness statement available on record to the public by Paul Gordon, family who left the same apartment the day the Mccanns arrived admit to pressure from Brian Kennedy and the McCanns.

Question why would innocent parents try to pressure a witness???

BBC pulled their news article claiming Goncalo Amaral insulted the Mccanns…BBC have still to apologise.

MADDIE - McCanns 'Found Her'

From: Justice4Madeleine | 16 de Maio de 2010 | 585 visualizações

Excerpt from Las Mañanas de Cuatro

3 years without Madeleine McCann

At some point, G. McCann says: "The leeks in the media and lies put out there to try to give an image that we were guilty was particularly hard, but not as difficult as the night WE FOUND HER."

The only attention and interviews they deserve is with the Police.

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