terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010



" Terence Backer, the Independent, gives his view on the McCanns choice of photo"

" ........... took the trouble to photoshop the original image to remove the make up to 'prove' that the photo wasn't 'inappropriate' after a debate opened up where another McCann supporter said "It's a picture of a child who has raided the make up box and made a mess of herself with eye shadow. It's an impish child having a laugh."

Having read the Gaspar statements; read Goncalo Amaral's statement where he alleges that "There is a child molester within that group of friends"; read the disturbing commentsabout Maddie made by Dr David Payne and Jon Corner, and seen a few other disturbing images of Maddie then it's surely not unreasonable to think that this photograph was inappropriate for the purpose it was used. I can't see that Maddie looks impish in the photograph, nor does she look as though she's having a laugh. She looks made up by an adult and deliberately posed for a photograph that was, presumably, taken by an adult.".........