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IRONSIDE : Gonçalo, Madeleine e .........

" Gonçalo Amaral


Madeleine Mccann

Both were unaware as they woke May 3rd 2007 they were on a collision course, one which would change their lives forever. One would die, the other would be destroyed.

Goncalo Amaral would have taken breakfast with his family, as Madeleine did with hers.

Goncalo would have wished his wife a good day as he left for work. This day would be the last for Goncalo as he would know it.

The day was long and Goncalo was tired.

A phone call ,like many phone calls came in, a child was missing. But this would not be any phone call, or any child, this was about to become the largest missing persons case we would ever see.

Goncalo Amaral would be in charge of the Investigation. Goncalo with many years experience would have been witness to the 'Oscar' performances played out by parents with missing children. The parents would shed tears as they claim their child was abducted or missing. But Goncalo always went with his gut and a mothers tears did not convince him of their innocence.

Goncalo had a sixth sense about the Mccans from the beginning. The story they told just did not seem right. It was too convenient, a group member witnessed the childs abduction. Too pact.

Goncalo delegated and watched the Investigation grow. The media Circus, the Campaign and if his hunch was right 'Fraud'.

Goncalo, during this time, was slowly but surely understanding what had happened to Madeleine. The Cadaver dogs only proving what he had suspected . The child had died in the Apartment.

The month of August, the Press ,were reporting in Portugal very unpleasant things about the Mccanns.

In England very unpleasant things were being reported about the Detective who was heading the Investigation. He was a drunk, a sardine muncher, a fat pig. Keystone cop and many many more cruel jibes were printed about Amaral.

Goncalo Amaral had the Mccanns made arguidos, this status gave the Mccanns more power. The power to remain silent, Kate Mccann took all the power she was allowed as an arguida and said nothing. Not one word did she utter to help the police find her child.

The rest is history, the Mccanns returned to England and Goncalo was removed from the case.

Amaral first ,is a Detective and he fights for truth and Justice. Goncalo, is not a Saint ,nor is he perfect in anyway .He has made mistakes which he readily admits. Goncalo is human he has feelings and we all know how hurt he has been by the British Press.

The British Press could give a damn . Mike O'Sullivan a sloppy, shifty reporter from the BBC, ignorant and has no knowledge of Portuguese, heard a word that sounded like Fuck...therefore it must be FUCK. Later we heard the word was not FUCK...many of us have written asking for an apology from the disgraced BBC , we are still waiting.

Goncalo Amaral wrote a book about the investigation. Its contents, taken from the Police Files while under his command.
His officers, along with himself and others came to the conclusion Madeleine died in the apartment. A terrible tragedy, a domestic accident and the family for reasons only known to themselves hid their daughters body.

Goncalo and Madeleine . If it were not for Goncalo, Madeleine would not have a voice.

Paulo Rebelo said when he took over from Amaral, the investigation still pointed in the right direction. That direction was the Mccanns. Nothings changed.

The Mccanns I have no doubt will win their case ,they will destroy Amaral , this seems to be his destiny even though I wish it were not so.

Goncalo Amaral, I wonder if you ever think back to that fateful day, May 3rd if you wished you had never heard of the Mccanns. I would imagine you do.

But, if I were to ask you the same question about Madeleine. I think I know your answer.

Goncalo, Madeleine was your destiny , you are forever entwined , we hear your name and think of Madeleine.

We have blogged and will continue to do so ,because like you, we also believe the Mccanns know what happened to Madeleine.

Maybe you think you have been forgotten, this could not be further from the truth . However, I like you ,find it hard to believe a group of Doctors who call themselves Mccanns friends, can sit back and watch them destroy you when they know you did a good job. But so much more, they know you were right.

They all have the death of Madeleine in their minds and STILL they stay silent .

Goncalo Amaral , Madeleines destiny was you and for you to tell the truth of what really happened to her May 3rd 2007

You did not let her down.

Thank you."

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